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Medpage MP5-BMA

The MP5-BMA utilises patented sensor technology to provide reliable irregular sleeping movement detection from a wider range of movement types, bed types, and persons body weight. A high specification microprocessor continuously monitors the persons bed, analysing detected movements. Suitable for all age groups from 5lb baby to adult. Extended sensitivity adjustment for memory foam mattresses.

* For people that vocalise during or preceding a movement episode, the monitor has a built in microphone frequency tuned to detect human sounds. Detected sounds result in an alarm transmission to the alarm pager.

The Medpage MP5-BMA irregular movement detection system is supplied with a high quality radio pager. Pager alarm options are vibration only, low volume + vibration and high volume + vibration. Requires 2 x AA batteries. Batteries not supplied.

Medpage Irregular Sleeping Movement Alarm