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The Medpage MP5-BMA is an advanced movement sensing alarm, specifically designed to detect certain types of movements people make while sleeping.

A cluster of muscular spasms, for example, will trigger an alarm from the movement monitor. Unusual twitching actions or prolonged shaking movements will also trigger an alarm.

The MP5-BMA uses sophisticated software algorithms that continually analyse signals produced by a special sensor positioned under the bed mattress, even a memory foam type. The level of sensitivity is easily adjusted to compensate for a persons body weight and the type of bed they sleep in.

When it is important to know if a person is making such movements during sleep, there is nothing more reliable than the MP5-BMA

The MP5-BMA contains a radio transmitter (See FCC approvals) that transmits an alarm signal to a radio pager to warn parents or carers of the irregular sleeping movements. Two pagers are supplied.

As a secondary source of monitoring the MP5-BMA includes a highly tuned microphone to detect human sounds. Sounds such as lip smacking, groans, and vocalisations over a timed period will result in alarm generation and transmission to the alarm pagers